Ways to Earn Free Tokens

We always have ways to earn tokens without any purchase necessary. To be eligible for these ways to earn free tokens, you must be a verified member first.

Login Bonus

A 7-Day Login Bonus is awarded to members that log in for 7 consecutive days.

If you purchase tokens during those 7 days, on the 14th consecutive login day you will receive a larger bonus.

Bonuses are based on your membership tier. See Memberships page for more details.

Refer friends to Triple Sevens

Earn 5 Tokens for each person you refer that gets approved and makes at least 1 purchase of $20 or more. See Terms and Conditions.

Top Fan Day on Facebook

Every Sunday on Facebook, you can become a Top Fan! Every Week on Sunday, your points from the previous week will be added up to determine the amount of Tokens you will receive. From Sunday-Saturday of the previous week, a member of Triple Sevens must like, comment and share Facebook posts to obtain points.

How to Earn Points:
Give a ? = Earn 1 Point
Drop a comment ? = Earn 2 Points (Only 1 comment counts per post)
Share the love ➡️ = Earn 3 Points (Only 1 share counts per post)

Qualification for Token Rewards System:
10-19 points = 2 Tokens
20-29 points = 4 tokens
30-39 points = 6 tokens
40-49 points = 8 tokens
50+ points = 10 tokens

1 extra point will be given for at least 5 reactions instead of post likes.

The Top Fan of the Week with the most points will get 12 tokens total.

If you are a Kingdom Club Member, you get 1 extra token.
If you are a Castle Club Member or Golden Throne Club Member, you get 2 extra tokens.
Kingdom Club Membership and higher must at least get 10 points to qualify for the extra token(s).

All points will be added up by the Saturday night before Top Fan Day. In order for the points to qualify for each post, the Facebook post must be engaged with by 48 hours from the time it was posted. If it was engaged with after 48 hour time window from the time it was posted, it will NOT count towards your point total.

Every member can earn up to 10 free tokens total weekly. However, there is no guarantee of the total amount of points possible per week.

To qualify for any of the rewards you must meet the Top Fan Day requirements.

No purchase is required to participate in this giveaway. You just have to be a member.

Shared posts must be publicly verifiable. If we can’t verify it, it won’t count towards your points. Points are only valid if they are like, commented, and/or shared, the same date as the Facebook Post was posted.

Too complicated?

You always have the option to purchase tokens for our games. We accept Credit Cards and Bitcoin.

All the benefits, features or free ways to earn tokens may be amended, manipulated, removed, cancelled or discontinued at anytime. All rights reserved.

Login Bonus

Prizes are rewarded for logging into your Triple Sevens member account consecutively for 7 days. You will be rewarded tokens on your 7th consecutive day logging in just for logging in. To move onto the 2nd consecutive week, you must make at least 1 purchase in the Token Store within the first 7 consecutive login days. The 14th consecutive day prize is larger than your 7th consecutive day prize. Prize amounts are based on your membership class/tier. You must claim the Login Bonus by clicking on the prize icon.

You will restart back to Day 1 if you fail to login every 24 hours.

7-Day Login Bonus Prize Eligibility: You must login to your triplesevens.com account once every 24 hours for seven (7) consecutive days. All members are eligible to receive a prize. The higher the membership class you are, the more you are rewarded.

14-Day Login Bonus Prize Eligibility: All Membership classes are eligible for this prize if they make 1 purchase in the Token Store within the first consecutive login week. You must login to your triplesevens.com account once every 24 hours for fourteen (14) consecutive days. The higher the membership class you are, the more you are rewarded. If no purchase is made within your first 7 days of consecutive logins, then it will bring you back to Day 1 after the 7th day.

Login Bonus Rules are subject to change. All Triple Sevens activities are based on the Eastern Standard Time (EST) time zone.

Top Fan Day

Introduction: Welcome to the Triple Sevens Top Fan Engagement Program! This exciting initiative is designed to reward our most engaged Facebook community members every week. Participation in this program is a fun and interactive way to earn tokens while engaging with our content on Facebook.

Weekly Points Accumulation: Each Sunday, we tally points accumulated by our members from the previous week (Sunday to Saturday). These points are earned through various interactions with our Facebook posts. The total points determine the number of Tokens you will receive.

Point Earning Mechanism:

  1. Like a Post: Earn 1 Point for each like.
  2. Comment on a Post: Earn 2 Points for your first comment on each post.
  3. Share a Post: Earn 3 Points for each share. Note: Shares must be public for verification.

Token Rewards System:

  1. Standard Members:
    • Earn 12 points: Receive 3 Tokens.
    • Earn 16 points: Receive 5 Tokens.
  2. Kingdom Club Members (or above):
    • Earn 12 points: Receive 5 Tokens.

Program Guidelines:

  • Points are calculated weekly and must be accumulated by Saturday night preceding Top Fan Day.
  • Each member can earn a maximum of 5 free tokens per week.
  • To be eligible for any rewards, members must meet the requirements of the Token Reward System.
  • Tokens must be claimed by sending us a message on Facebook every Sunday.
  • Participation in this program does not require any purchase. Membership in the Triple Sevens community is the only requirement.
  • For points to be counted, shared posts must be publicly verifiable. Non-verifiable shares will not contribute to your points total.

Participation Terms: By participating in the Triple Sevens Top Fan Engagement Program, members agree to engage authentically and responsibly with our content. Triple Sevens reserves the right to modify the terms of this program or discontinue it at any time without prior notice.


Receive 5 Tokens for each person you refer that gets approved and makes at least 1 purchase of $20 or more. Approval of person referred (referee) is not guaranteed. Referee must meet eligibility requirements. The referee will receive 3 tokens also on completion of their first purchase.


All coupons given out via these promotions, at minimum, have the following conditions:

  1. The coupon holder must be an approved Member of Triple Sevens;
  2. The coupon shall only be valid if the minimum order requirement of $5 is met by the coupon holder;
  3. In the absence of an explicitly stated expiration date, it shall be presumed that the coupon validity ceases on the same day it was distributed at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).